Those evenings with roommates when everyone is home but separately scrolling through Instagram, sending each other memes while in the same room, is in the past. Do something fun together that engages everyone and make a memorable night out of it. Your board game /card game session could even become a roomies’ tradition!

Bond with your roommates with these fun board games and card games. We assure you these won’t end up in escalated, lasting tension like after those Monopoly and Uno game nights!

1. Pictionary

Players: 2-4 teams

You don’t have to be a good artist to play Pictionary, because that’s where half the laughs lie! Within a minute – as a sand timer keeps time – the “picturist” must draw what the card they pick says and the teammates must guess it. The time limit really tests your creativity, which only results in more laughter. The most popular Pictionary board game makes some of the turns more challenging with levels of difficulty and rounds like “All Play,” but you can find other versions too.

2. What Do You Meme?

Players: 3-20

This card game is perfect for the meme geeks. In their own words, this game is “inspired by pop culture, and bringing the relatable fun of internet humor from your phone into your life.” Match photo cards with caption cards or make up your own ingenious combinations and create memes – the Internet humor that only you and your crew can understand is sure to bring laughs as you sip on your drinks and show off your meme knowledge.

3. 5 Second Rule

Players: 2-6

Be quick on your feet! The 5 Second Rule card game tests how fast you can think, and you’ll only end up with everyone in the house hanging onto your three words when it’s your turn. Every round almost always ends up being a hilarious one. Each card in this board game has a topic and you must name three things in 5 seconds that’ll help your friends guess the topic or the category. Quickly now, name 3 “famous bald people!”

4. 221B Baker Street

Players: 2-6

This board game is for the nights the roommates feel like using the gray matter a bit more than usual. Inspired by Sherlock Holmes’s mysteries, the 221B Baker Street board game has 200 cases custom-written for the game. Players must make their way across London (the board) picking clues and solving mysteries. Turn your apartment’s address into Holmes and Watson’s famous one!

5. Loaded Questions

Players: 3-6

How well do you know your roommates? Find out through the Loaded Questions Board game where there is no right or wrong answers, and simple rules! The roller of the die picks a card to read a question, for which the remaining players write an answer. The roller must guess who wrote which answer to make their way across the board. All players end up learning something new about their roommates through these witty answers.

6. Unstable Unicorns

Players: 2-8

Ah, unicorns…sweet and harmless. Not! This card game throws a rare light on the magical beings by making them tough, competitive, and destructive. You will strategically build an army of unicorns in this board game.

There are 20 types of unicorns to collect and players pick cards that help them build their army, use magic, upgrade their stable, or downgrade an opponent’s stable. That’s right, these are some unstable rebellious unicorns!

The most affordable way to bond with your roomies is good old-fashioned indoor time spent together. Cards Against Humanity isn’t the only hilarious card game that can bring you closer to your roommates. Try out some of these new ones for your game night next time!

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