If you ask Cupertino residents what they appreciate most about the city, you’ll get a variety of responses. They’ll tell you about its excellent opportunities in the field of technology, or the vibrant culture. Or, some may describe the awe-inspiring mountain views and enjoyable leisure. Moreover, this city offers excellent services for children and the elderly. The list of what’s to love about Cupertino goes on! This city guide will cover the basics: average rent, top neighborhoods and rooms for rent in Cupertino.

So, are you planning to move to Cupertino? Let’s get started!

Getting to know Cupertino

Apple Park, Cupertino, United States

Cupertino is a city in Silicon Valley, California. It enjoys a mild climate with an average of 260 sunny days per year. In addition, most of its rainfall occurs during the winter, while summers are dry. Also, Cupertino is known for being the home of Apple. However, it also has parks like the trail-lined Rancho San Antonio Open Space Preserve.

Moreover, the city features a plethora of parks and graceful neighborhoods, as well as college campuses. It’s a great place to live in, and this city guide will help you find rooms for rent in Cupertino.

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Finding rooms for rent in Cupertino

Average rent in Cupertino is expensive but high salaries go some way towards compensating. The city frequently illustrates how the valley’s finest markets function. That’s because it provides a short commute to key tech facilities, excellent schools, and houses that are (usually) neither too elaborate nor extravagant.

Top Neighborhoods in Cupertino

  • Creston: The well-kept environment and calm ambiance are part of why Crestonians appreciate living in this area. Located on the outskirts of Cupertino and Los Altos, the streets are broad and well-paved, with walkways that are favorable to pedestrians.
  • Garden Gate: The majority of Garden Gate’s homes are well-built Ranch-style homes that are progressively being replaced by new developments. Regardless of whether the house is old or new, most have nice lawns. Moreover, you’ll find shaded places and modern walkways that provide beautiful settings for walks.
  • Monta Vista: This is one of Cupertino’s most desirable communities. Its ideal location, low crime rates, and high-performing schools all contribute to the neighborhood’s appeal. Thus, it is relatively hard to find cheap rooms for rent in Cupertino here.

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Average rent in Cupertino

Room For Rent In CupertinoAverage Rent
1 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In Cupertino$913
2 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In Cupertino $1,826
3 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In Cupertino $2,739

University life in Cupertino

With a host of great public and private universities, Cupertino offers options to University students. In addition, a large influx of people into the city has led universities to offer courses in almost any field. The culture of Cupertino is an urban and suburban mix, with those living in Cupertino quickly growing fond of the area.

Studying in Cupertino is by no means cheap. However, students can opt for on-campus accommodations or look for rooms for rent in Cupertino with roommates.

Our city guide for Cupertino, CA covers the top 5 universities in and around the city:

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How transit-friendly is Cupertino?

1. Public Transportation

  • VTA Bus Routes: Cupertino is served by the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA). Bus routes with major stops in Cupertino include: San Jose – Mountain View/Palo Alto and San Jose – De Anza College; Eastridge. For the most up-to-date schedules and maps, visit VTA.
  • Amtrak, BART and Caltrain: The 511 SF Bay website provides info on schedules and interconnections with VTA buses and light rails.

Bus Fares

One Day Ticket – Clipper$6
Monthly season ticket, unlimited$70

2. Cycling

A full day hunt for rooms for rent in Cupertino is made easy with bikes. It’s convenient to get around any place in the city and is a safer option. Here are some important links that’ll come in handy:

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3. Airports

4. Car and City Roads

Whether you’re going for a fun night out or looking for rooms for rent in Cupertino, you will want a reliable vehicle. Driving in Cupertino is much more relaxed than driving in many cities in the States. However, rush hour can be frustrating. Important routes to remember:

  • Cupertino is easily accessible from the Interstate Route 280 and State Route 85 freeways, as well as the Lawrence and Foothill expressways.
  • Primary roads within the city are Stevens Creek Boulevard, Homestead Road, De Anza Boulevard and Wolfe Road.

Nightlife in Cupertino

  • Paul and Eddie’s attracts regulars both throughout the day and at night. The bar is open every day until 2 a.m.
  • Since Halloween 1983, the Duke of Edinburgh has been catering to high-tech professionals during the day and night owls after dark. The traditional English pub provides food and has a full bar.
  • Blue Pheasant Restaurant is a fine dining establishment. Due to its closeness to residential buildings, the drink and dance venue closes by 11 p.m. most evenings.

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Restaurants in Cupertino

  • Lazy Dog: Since its launch in late 2015, Lazy Dog has been a hit with the locals. Customers always leave the restaurant with a happy attitude, thanks to its eclectic cuisine and large meals.
  • Cicero’s Pizza: This is a renowned pizza restaurant on the outskirts of Cupertino. With their pizza popular among tourists from other cities, Cicero’s is constantly busy with people, no matter what day it is.
  • BJ’s: This popular chain restaurant and brewhouse is located directly adjacent to Apple Inc.’s headquarters. Though you can find one in almost any major city, you can count on them serving traditional meals with a twist. Pizzas, salads, and steaks are all offered on the menu.

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