Located in California, Studio City is the ideal choice for professionals as well as young families. Planning a move to this trendy neighborhood? The nightlife and eateries here are not to be missed! Before making the big move, here’s your neighborhood guide with all the key info you’ll need. Keep it handy for details on average rent and restaurants in Studio City. Certainly, this neighborhood guide will make your search for rooms for rent in Studio City, LA much easier!

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Where is Studio City?

Studio City is a charming area in the southeast San Fernando Valley, just west of the Cahuenga Pass. With tree-lined residential streets and chic restaurants just over the hill, it’s a serene area set apart from Hollywood’s hustle and bustle. There are several iconic sushi and small-plate restaurants in Studio City. Plus, a host of trendy gastropubs line the lively Ventura Boulevard.

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Find Rooms For Rent in Studio City, LA

The affluent mansions in the Santa Monica Mountains, large houses in the more residential sections, and highly respected mid-century properties make up Studio City. Whether you’re looking for single-family homes, mobile or recreational houses, there’s something for everyone in this neighborhood!

Average Rent in Studio City, CA

Studio City is a good choice for families because it has a lot of child-friendly features, such as large parks and interactive play places. Further, you can easily find a roommate to help you save money on your basic living expenses. Here is the current average rent in Studio City, CA:

Rooms for rent in Studio CityAverage Rent
1 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In Studio City$1,220
2 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In Studio City$2,440
3 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In Studio City$3,267

Is Studio City safe?

Here are a few sites that provide useful neighborhood knowledge to make the process of finding rooms for rent in Studio City hassle-free. Browse through them before your visit and get access to vital information — for free!

  • AreaVibes: This tool provides a livability score based on your Zip Code. The livability score uses an algorithm to weigh amenities, cost of living, safety rates, education, employment, housing, and weather.
  • Trulia: This site does a great job of helping you find the average rent and best restaurants in Studio City. Also, it gives you reviews from local residents, details on groceries, safety, and shopping. If you’re new to the area, it’s an essential app to refer to while looking for rooms for rent in Studio City, LA.

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  • Crime Grade: Here you can find detailed info on the safest areas in the neighborhood and choose a suitable area that meets your needs.
  • Hotline Numbers: 911 and 311 are the two numbers LA residents use to contact the emergency services. 311 is a type of residents’ hotline that you can call to report issues like abandoned vehicles, road repairs, noise complaints, and graffiti. By adding a second channel for residents to report problems, 911 operators are free to address emergencies.

Public Transit in Studio City

1. Walkability

This neighborhood is the 58th most walkable neighborhood in LA, with a walk score of 65. So, when you live in Studio City your daily errands don’t require a car as you can get most of them done on foot.

2. Roads & Traffic

This area of LA has a light flow of traffic, which is an advantage in a city known for its hustle and bustle. You’ll have easy access to highways and local roads, especially if you’re working in the valley! Check out the Traffic Map before starting your journey.

3. Nearby Train Stations

Familiarizing yourself with transit options can help save time while looking for rooms for rent in Studio City. The B Line (Red) starts at Union Station and ends at North Hollywood Station.

4. Nearby Bus Stops

The bus lines 218, 230, and 240 have routes that pass through the neighborhood and will help you reach any destination around the city.

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Restaurants in Studio City

You’re bound to work up an appetite while you’re out and about looking for rooms for rent in Studio City, LA. So, don’t forget to explore some of the many eateries in the neighborhood. Here are a few of our top picks:

1. Firefly

Because of its gorgeous décor and helpful service, Firefly is one of the finest restaurants in Studio City. It’s a trendy spot with some of the greatest classic American culinary selections.

2. Asanebo

The high-end strip mall spot has a cozy, wooden interior and some of the best sushi in all of Los Angeles. Although they offer their whole menu a la carte, their Omakase is a must-try! This place’s delicious sushi makes it one of the greatest restaurants in Studio City – if not all of LA.

3. The Dinner Detective

If you’re looking for an experience worth remembering, there aren’t many restaurants in Studio City that can compare to this one. The Dinner Detective gives the classic “dinner and a movie” date a surprising twist by placing the entertainment right in the middle of your meal. The goal is to solve a humorous murder mystery while eating your meal!

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Parks in Studio City

In addition to a variety of rooms for rent in Studio City, the neighborhood also offers plenty of attractive outdoor areas. Here you’ll find gorgeous green spaces overlooking the sights of the city.

  • Coldwater Canyon Park is the perfect place to go on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, or even just for a late-evening stroll. What makes this park a must-see, however, are the serene views it offers from every single spot.
  • Woodbridge Park: With picnic benches and a dedicated walking trail, this is the perfect spot to unwind after a day’s search for rooms for rent in Studio City.
  • North Valleyheart Riverwalk beats other parks when it comes to environmental friendliness. This is one of the few spots in LA where you can see significant progress toward a greener neighborhood.

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Must-visit attractions in Studio City

Wikitopx Universal Studio Tour

1. Universal Studio Tours

This is a must-see destination if you’ve never visited Southern California. The Universal Studio Tour is unlike any other tour you’ve ever taken. You won’t simply be sitting on a tour bus watching the world go by; Jimmy Fallon will be your video guide, and you’ll feel like you’re part of the movie.

2. Universal CityWalk

Having fun attractions near potential rooms for rent in Studio City is a must if you love exploring! Since you’re in that section of town after the tour, you should check out the Universal CityWalk. It’s the ideal place to grab your fill of fan souvenirs while also sampling some delicious meals.

3. Pinz Bowling

Pinz Bowling Alley isn’t your ordinary bowling alley. It features a style and layout that makes it the ideal spot for relaxing with friends and family after a day exploring Studio City. Or, if you’re a dab hand at bowling and you’re after a new hobby, you can even join a bowling league! What better way to make friends in a new city?

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