East Flatbush, located in the very heart of Brooklyn, is the borough’s most eclectic neighborhood – a dynamic melting pot of people, cultures, and buildings. Are you planning to move to this beautiful, multi-ethnic neighborhood? Well, before making the big move, here’s your neighborhood guide covering all the key info. Keep it handy for details on average rent and restaurants in East Flatbush. Certainly, this neighborhood guide will make your search for rooms for rent in East Flatbush, Brooklyn, much easier.

Where is East Flatbush?

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East Flatbush is bounded by Crown Heights, Brownsville, Flatlands, and Nostrand/New York Avenues. Flatbush has welcomed waves of immigrants, including those from Italy, Jamaica, Southeast Asia, and Pakistan. It’s now attracting a huge number of young families and professionals due to the affordable average rent in East Flatbush and its diverse culture.

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Find Rooms For Rent in East Flatbush, Brooklyn

Grand detached Victorians, brownstones, pre-war flats, brick townhouses, and a plethora of single and two-family residences can all be found in this neighborhood. Flatbush is quickly becoming one of New York’s most exciting residential locations, with excellent stores, a vibrant local community, unbeatable affordability, and a lively spirit.

Average Rent in East Flatbush

The average rent in this small neighborhood is very affordable. Many of the residents are families and young professionals. Furthermore, you can find a roommate to help you save money on your basic living expenses.

Rooms for rent in East FlatbushAverage Rent
1 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In East Flatbush$1,312
2 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In East Flatbush$2,102
3 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In East Flatbush$2,868

Is East Flatbush safe?

Before moving to this new place, you might wonder, ‘is East Flatbush safe?’. Well, we have the answers to all your safety concerns in this neighborhood guide! Here are a few apps that provide useful neighborhood knowledge that make the process of finding rooms for rent in East Flatbush, Brooklyn, hassle-free. Browse through them before your visit and get access to vital information – all for free!

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  • AreaVibes: AreaVibes is a tool that provides a livability score based on your zip code. The livability score uses an algorithm to weigh up amenities, the cost of living, safety rates, education, employment, housing, and weather.
  • NextDoor: The best way to keep updated about what’s going on in your area is to use NextDoor. It’s a private social network for your neighborhood where you can exchange safety tips, report suspicious activities, and even arrange a last-minute babysitter.
  • Trulia: This site does a great job of helping you discover everything from the average rent in East Flatbush to the neighborhood’s best restaurants. Also, it gives you reviews from local residents, details on groceries, safety, and shopping. It’s an essential app to refer to while looking for rooms for rent in East Flatbush, Brooklyn.
  • Hotline Numbers: 911 and 311 are the two helpful numbers New York residents use to get info or for emergencies. Basically, 311 is a type of citizens’ hotline. It’s a simple way for you to report problems or ask questions about your community without tying up emergency lines or going through frustrating municipal channels. You can call to report issues like abandoned vehicles, road repairs, noise complaints, and graffiti. By adding a second channel for citizens to report problems, 911 operators are free to address emergencies.

Public Transit in East Flatbush

1. Walkability

This neighborhood is the 113th most walkable neighborhood in New York with a Walk Score of 88. With greenery at every corner, it’s a walker’s paradise! Also, when you live in East Flatbush, your daily errands don’t require a car; you can easily get them done on foot.

2. Roads & Traffic

The neighborhood can get loud at times due to the rush, but it’s nothing you won’t get used to in time. You might even come to appreciate all the hustle and bustle – it keeps the city lively!

3. Nearby Train Stations

Being familiar with transit options can help save time while looking for rooms for rent in East Flatbush, Brooklyn. You can get around East Flatbush on the subway or on the bus.

Subway 2 serves the neighborhood and extends to the Bronx.

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4. Nearby Bus Stops

The bus line B46 has routes that pass through the neighborhood and will help you reach any destination around the city.

Restaurants in East Flatbush

You’re bound to work up an appetite while you’re out and about looking for rooms for rent in East Flatbush. So, don’t forget to explore some of the many restaurants in the neighborhood. Here are our top picks:


ICHIRAN has some of the best ramen in all of Brooklyn. Its authentic Japanese & Asian cuisine makes it one of the greatest restaurants in East Flatbush, if not all of NYC.

2. Footprints Cafe

Footprints Cafe has a fantastic variety of traditional Caribbean food for a great price. This place is one of the most spectacular restaurants in East Flatbush.

3. The Farm On Adderley

If you’re looking for a filling meal, there aren’t many restaurants in East Flatbush that can compare to this one. The Farm on Adderley in Ditmas Park has made farm-to-table dining accessible to the whole community in its relaxed, rustic setting.

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Parks in East Flatbush

In addition to a variety of rooms for rent in East Flatbush, the neighborhood offers attractive outdoor spaces. Here, you’ll find gorgeous greenways overlooking the city.

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  • Paerdegat Park: This tree-filled park boasts sports courts, benches, and a playground.
  • East Flatbush Children’s Playground: The perfect spot to unwind with children after a day’s search for rooms for rent in East Flatbush.
  • Wingate Park: A community park with a playground and a baseball field. Also, you can access handball and basketball courts and get your morning exercise on its running track.

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Bakeries in East Flatbush


1. Baker’s Treats

A Black-owned bakery with great hospitality and delicious treats. They make authentic Haitian patties, bread, cakes, and all kinds of treats. This place is known to provide excellent customer service, which makes it stand out among all of East Flatbush’s bakeries!

2. Lords Bakery

Having good bakeries near potential rooms for rent in East Flatbush, Brooklyn, is a must if you have a sweet tooth! This family-owned shop is known for its red velvet and custom photo cakes, plus a full line of delicious baked goods.

3. Back Home Bakery

Bakeries in East Flatbush are plenty, but Back Home Bakery stands out for its Caribbean snack food! If you’re looking for bakeries in East Flatbush that offer unique patties, head to this shop.

With this, we’ve come to the end of our neighborhood guide to East Flatbush. Happy moving!

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